Traffic sources that contribute to direct traffic

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Traffic sources that contribute to direct traffic

It’s worth knowing what makes up direct traffic in your analytics reports. Why? I’ve been seeing a strange set of numbers in Page traffic reports in Google Analytics recently: when comparing traffic sources for the homepage, I’ve seen much higher bounce rates for direct traffic than for organic Google referrals. Direct traffic is usually defined […]

Deconstructing Google url search parameters

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Deconstructing Google url search parameters

[Quick note: this post isn’t about the Google search url that’s created when you use Google to search the web. If you’re interested in those “request parameters”, you can’t do better than Google’s own resource: Search Protocol Reference.] As a UX designer, I use web stats a lot. Typically Google’s Analytics product is the go-to source with more […]

In Favour of Complexity

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I was fortunate enough to attend the sell-out ‘UX London’ conference at The Cumberland Hotel, Marble Arch this year (June 15th – 17th). It was the first conference if its type here in London aimed at user experience practitioners and ably presented by the good folk at Clearleft. There were some big names in attendance […]

Google Air-Traffic Graph

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Google recently blogged about the routing troubles they experienced a week ago when they incorrectly passed web traffic through Asia, which resulted in “traffic-jams”, slow services and interruptions.