On the simple act of clicking a link on a mobile device

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Have you ever noticed that slight time delay when clicking a link on your smartphone and waiting for the operating system to respond? In the past I’ve always put it down to hardware performance, multiple Apps being open, my internet connection or just the age of the phone. However, after listening to the always fascinating Peter-Paul […]

Browsers, browsers everywhere…

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Because Firefox 3.6 keeps crashing on the Guardian’s website (started happening all the time after Snow Leopard update but has often been a problem), I’ve now set Chrome to be my default browser, so that when I click on a link in Twitterific, Chrome launches not Firefox.

Graublau Sans Grabbed

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Learning something new keeps the mind active and that’s why working on the web can be so much fun. Just recently I’ve been pushing myself to learn jQuery – no longer shall I rely on the excellent javascript programmers I work with to take care of it for me – lazy boy! I’ve also been […]

Could the Global Economic Crisis finally mean the end of IE6?

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The reports of Internet Explorer 6’s death have been widely exaggerated. However, with clients tightening their financial belts and looking for costs to be cut, could ignoring IE6 save money and the sanity of thousands of web developers?