When did we all become bakers?

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When did we all become bakers?

Have you noticed everything has to be “baked in” to technology projects these days? Is it only me that finds the phrase distasteful?

Maybe it’s the rise of cutesy, folksy marketing-speak that’s to blame? If so, Innocent Smoothies and wackaging should be held more accountable.

Or possibly it’s the fault of the esteemed Pastry Box Project, where each post was written by the “Baker“. Eurgh. I notice the good fellows at The Pastry Box don’t seem to be using that particular tagline anymore, so maybe it fell out of favour there too?

And if the statistics are anything to go by*, the trend is clearly on the rise: https://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=baked%20in

The most recent example, that set me to writing:

We’ve baked these good manners into

What’s wrong with just “built” or “coded” or “added”? I’m all for creative writing, but when a phrase becomes so mainstream, it’s hardly creative anymore is it, just lazy. Or worse – something we’ll have to accept as normal.

Maybe it’s because here in England, we have a couple of phrases for “needing a poo poo” that feature the word too? “Baking a loaf” and “Baking a potato” are both equally unpleasant and both equally uncalled for.

*I know.

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