Bryan Cranston on User Experience

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Bryan Cranston on User Experience

It may not surprise you but Bryan Cranston hasn’t written exhaustively on the subject of [web] user experience. However he does have quite a few ideas about an audience’s user experience.

In a recent interview with Fast Company, he made some very relevant and interesting points about how to work with new people on the team. He describes his notion of “poison” created by poor attention to detail. I think this translates perfectly to describe the additive effect of a poor user experience on a web site:

My thing is to be the honesty police and help out these directors by saying, “My side of the bed is over there. We have to adjust your shots in order to keep honesty to the character. What married couple switches sides of the bed randomly?” Same thing with the kitchen table. You sit at your seat. We’ve made sure that we sit at the same seats for the entire run of the show.

Those are little things that if you didn’t do that, it would be what I call a pinch of poison. You give the audience a tiny pinch of poison. They can take that. They can take two or three or four pinches. But they might not feel great. They might not be able to articulate why they’re not attaching themselves to the show. But they might say, “Why did that happen?”

One broken link, your user can take that. Expose them to two or three problems and they might not feel too great – and certainly might decide not to visit again or to buy from you.

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