Brighton UX Camp, Oct 1 2011

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Brighton UX Camp, Oct 1 2011

Despite the soaring October temperatures and clear blue skies, fifty or so committed (no jokes) UXers met for the first Brighton UX Camp at the fourth floor offices of Cogapp in Brighton.

(For a great overview of the day, take a quick look at the write-up at Cogapp and Thebestisyettocome.)

For my first public talk I felt surprisingly calm. I think it’s because there were a lot of other people in the same boat and a lot of friendly and supportive faces in the crowd. I chose to do a quick introduction to A/B testing and then run an exciting (I hope) quiz, much in the style of Anne Holland’s Whichtestwon.

The intro went well and we had some good discussions about certain points but the highlight (for me anyway) was the quiz. My main concern was that a bunch of UX pro’s would get all five questions right and that I’d be left trying divide the trophy up into little bits. Fortunately, and I think this is testament to the usefulness of A/B tests, the answers aren’t always obvious. Take a moment to view my slides below if you’d like to take the quiz yourself.

How did you do?

(For a complete list of references, see the last slide)

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