Browsers, browsers everywhere…

Posted by on Jan 29, 2010 in browsers, this-is-broken | No Comments

Because Firefox 3.6 keeps crashing on the Guardian’s website (started happening all the time after Snow Leopard update but has often been a problem), I’ve now set Chrome to be my default browser, so that when I click on a link in Twitterific, Chrome launches not Firefox.

But because I can’t add plugins to the Beta version of Mac/Chrome yet, if I want to bookmark a link in I have to copy and paste the link into Firefox to use the quick-add button.

Too many services? Information overload? Or should I just be content to wait for Google to sort out Chrome, Mozilla to fix Firefox or The Guardian to fix ? It’s not as if I’ve paid for any of the services mentioned.

UPDATE: To add insult to injury Firefox just crashed on me again – fortunately just after I clicked save. Phew! :)

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